Windows 10 Major Update Failure

Posted by on May 9, 2018

Microsoft rolls out major software updates on a regular basis, usually in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Improperly installed, these major updates can cause issues ranging from sudden strange behavior to complete data loss. If your computer is connected to the internet, there is nothing you can do to prevent these updates and and Microsoft will not warn you until the update is already in progress.

Symptoms of an update issue include: Very slow computer response, mouse pointer ‘staggering’ while moving across screen, corrupted user profiles, Blue Screen at boot-up and more!

We are here to make sure your data is protected and that your updates are installed professionally and smoothly.

We offer several different options to make sure this transition does not negatively impact your computer experience.


  • Manual Update Installation 
    Why wait for Microsoft to choose when your update is installed? We will install your update over your current installation. This service can vary in price due to unforseen issues. We recommend a full data backup prior to this method. The installation is less likely to fail if it is manually installed, but failure is still a possibility and data loss can occur.
  • Clean Windows 10 Installation
    We wipe your drive clean and install the newest version of Windows 10. This eliminates any possible update issues. Data backup and transfer is not included.
  • New Super Fast SSD with Clean Windows 10 Installation
    Replace your old hard drive with the fastest hard drive currently available, preloaded with the newest version of Windows 10. Upgrading your hard drive to an SSD provides one of the biggest performance upgrades you can get for your computer. In addition, SSD drives have a far lower failure rate over a period of 3 years than mechanical ‘spinner’ drives.
  • New Mechanical Drive with Clean Windows 10 Installation 
    Does space matter more than speed? Replace your older hard drive with a brand new 1TB ‘spinner’ preloaded with the newest version of Windows 10. 
  • Custom Hard Drive with Operating System of your choice
    You tell us what type and size hard drive you want, as well as what Operating System you want. We will order your hard drive and preload it with the Operating System of your choice.

Data Services

  • Data Transfer / User Profile Transfer – We can transfer specific data (such as Photos, Files, Documents) to an external device of your choice (destination device not included in service price). Price depends on amount of data transferred.
  • Hard Drive Clone Service – We can duplicate your current hard drive to a new hard drive to create a complete snapshot of your current hard drive structure. This includes currently installed software, user data, everything just as it is at the time we clone your hard drive. This is the most expensive option, but it creates a safe copy for storage, or can be installed into a different computer for instant access. Price based on capacity of hard drive being cloned.
  • Continuous Secure Data Backup – For a low monthly fee, you can purchase peace of mind that your important data is ALWAYS safely stored in a Cloud Backup system. This service allows you to backup UNLIMITED data and offers full protection against attacks such as Ransomware, which can permanently encrypt your data. This service is included in our VIP Monthly Service Plan!

Call us to schedule an appointment for any of these services, or please make sure you take the time to backup your important files to an external device to prevent possible data loss.

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