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Posted by on March 16, 2021

Thank you for scheduling an appointment with Computer Chick!

Here are some things you need to know for your upcoming appointment:

**Deposits are Non-Refundable** If for some reason we are unable to provide the service you selected, your deposit will be credited toward a future visit. Deposits for SPECIAL ORDER PARTS may only be refunded if the part was not required for the actual repair. In those cases, customer will be responsible for any return shipping or restocking fees and the refund will be issued only after Computer Chick is refunded for the part by the distributor.


DROP-OFF (In Person) Appointment Instructions
Remote Support (Zoom, Phone, Internet-Only Instruction)

You may download a copy of this instruction page to print with this link

DROP-OFF (IN-PERSON) Appointment

  • Please arrive within 5-minutes of your scheduled appointment time. If you miss your appointment, please contact us directly to reschedule. Your deposit will be applied to your next scheduled appointment.
  • If your device power cord looks like the one shown here, you do NOT need to bring it with you. Otherwise, please bring the power cord! 

  •  You do not need to bring your keyboard, mouse or other peripherals UNLESS the problem you are having is directly related to those items. Example: If your keyboard isn’t working, bring it with you.
  • You are REQUIRED to wear a proper mask to enter our shop. Period. No exceptions. Mask must cover your nose and mouth the ENTIRE time you are in the shop. “Gauze” masks are not permitted. VENTED masks are not permitted. If you are not able to wear a mask for whatever reason, you may call us from the parking lot and we will assist you. Children who are too young to wear a mask are NOT permitted inside the shop – please make other arrangements in advance. If you are showing obvious signs of illness, such as coughing etc, you will not be permitted to enter our shop even with a mask. Please consider taking advantage of our REMOTE SUPPORT services, which do not require you to come to the shop.

REMOTE SERVICES (Zoom, Phone, Internet-Only Services)

  •  For Zoom meetings or Remote Desktop services, your device must be connected to a WORKING internet connection. Obviously if your issue is “no internet”, this is not the appropriate service for you. We may be able to assist you by phone.
  •  Make sure your computer is up and running at least 15-minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Please make sure any background noise is at a minimum for these services.
  • Understand that we are scheduling your appointment for a minimum of 30-minutes. If it takes longer than 30-minutes to resolve your issue, we will continue the appointment IF our schedule allows. Additional time will be billed at $15/15-minutes. If we have to end the appointment before your issue is resolved, you may schedule a follow-up call without the required minimum deposit, however you will STILL be responsible for additional time charges.
  • We strongly recommend that you create a list of the specific issues you are having prior to your appointment to best use the time available.
  • It is strongly recommended that you install our FREE Monitoring and Remote Support agent prior to your appointment. Some customers get an error when installing the application. This is not a cause for alarm. In most cases, you can simply “continue” to bypass the error and the agent will install properly.
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