Mite-A-Thol bags


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Mite-A-Thol Menthol is the safest and most effective (up to 97 percent!) way to treat tracheal mites. To apply, place one packet across the top bars of your hive’s brood box and leave for a minimum of 28 days. It’s best to treat when daytime temperatures are above 70 degrees F. You can treat in both the spring and fall, but remember to remove the menthol at least two weeks before the honey flow.

  • 50-gram packets
  • Up to 97 percent effective in killing tracheal mites (if used correctly)
  • Place one packet on the top bars of brood box and leave for at least 28 days
  • Treat in both spring and fall

Note: Store menthol in cool, dry space. We suggest putting it in a sealed container in your freezer.


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