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Thousands of computers, and mobile devices are hacked or otherwise compromised every day, millions are infected with malicious software. The internet is a dangerous world. What can you do?

Keep your computers and sensitive data safe from hackers, viruses, malware, ransomware, malicious websites and other threats with Computer Chick’s 

Endpoint Detection and Response Security Professional! (EDR)* 

Endpoint – Any Windows PC or Mac, business or residential, we’ve got you covered! Professionally installed and configured.

Protection – means Business Class, Monitored, Professional Protection. Monitored protection adds that ‘human element’ not available through other applications in the same price range. We scan your computer to check for issues BEFORE we install our software. If any issues are found, we offer solutions to these issues first. Once your computer is clean, we protect it from further threats. We can even help secure your social media and email accounts if requested.

Response – Once our software is installed, we can view any suspicious activity (upon request) remotely. If any serious threats find their way to your protected device, we get an alert and we contact you for further action. If you DO notice a suspicious link, pop-up message or phone call, you can contact us for advice and we have the option to perform a certain amount of threat cleaning remotely, at no additional charge.

Before you choose something else, ask them – Is this a MANAGED product? Do you offer Remediation?

You will not find this level of protection with Norton or McAfee!

Choose Endpoint Detection and Response!!

Multiple layers of protection with browser protection, web filtering and real-time, behavior based threat protection and back-end monitoring to keep you safe, and fix most problems fast if they do occur. It’s as good as you can get and still be connected to the internet!


*Monthly plans are billed at the beginning of each month – a valid Credit Card is required for activation
There is no contract required for monthly plans – you may cancel at any time – no refunds for payments made

Note: We will contact you within 1 Business Day after your purchase to set up your subscription and remote installation. If you do not hear from us in a timely manner, please call us! Alternately, you may purchase your subscription in our shop!

To get the multi-Item Discount, you must purchase by calling us, or coming into the shop.

What The Packages Include
Endpoint Detection and Response Flexible Payment Options

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response: The rising industry leader in INTELLIGENT protection! MBAM Endpoint Detection and Response uses a combination of traditional virus definitions and a real-time, intelligent monitoring engine to detect threats BEFORE they cause damage! This is a cloud-based, live monitored product, which means Computer Chick has the ability to take action against threats without bringing the computer into our shop!

Browser Protection: Helps to prevent unwanted advertising, pop-ups, scareware, “tech-support” scam attacks and other malicious attempts for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari!

Free REMOTE Remediation: If your computer becomes compromised while protected by our OneView package, we can attempt to resolve the issue remotely, for free. If your device needs to come into our shop, there will be additional charges.


(Multiple Device Discount:
3 or more devices


Endpoint Detection and Response PLUS


Includes all of the above features, PLUS:

Advanced Web Filtering: Prevents access to undesirable websites with a continuously updated database of malicious websites, as well as a customizable level of filtering for adult content and much more!

Advanced Monitoring Agent: Managed Software Patch Updates, application and operating system updates, easy access to remote support, monitors for hardware and software failures and sends error reports to Computer Chick to make sure your computer is functioning at its best!

FREE REMEDIATION: Our protection is as good as it gets, but nothing is foolproof. What happens if your device STILL manages to become compromised? If your computer becomes compromised while protected by our Detection and Response package, Computer Chick will fix the issue FOR FREE! (note: data transfer and recovery services, if needed, are not covered). Available with Annual Payment or Premium Service Plan ONLY

$199/Yr or
FREE with our
Monthly Service Plan!



*Our EDS is proudly powered by well known industry leader – Malwarebytes. Understand that this is NOT “Malwarebytes Professional”. You can only purchase this software through authorized resellers, such as Computer Chick! Want to see more details about Endpoint Detection and Response? Keep in mind that we are offering the HIGHEST LEVEL of protection available here!

Available through Authorized Resellers Only!

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