New Computer Setup

Congrats!! You just purchased a new computer!

Now what?

Did you know that we offer NEW COMPUTER SERVICE packages?

“Now, WHY would I need THAT??”, you might ask.

Let us tell you!

  • New Computers often have FAILING HARD DRIVES! That’s right! Straight off the shelf. It’s the most COMMON hardware issue for a new computer! We can test it for you!
  • New Computers NEVER come with the latest updates!! We can get your operating system properly updated to the latest version!
  • New Computers NEVER come with adequate protection! The stuff they put on there “for free” is garbage. It will NOT keep your computer and valuable personal data safe. WE CAN!!
  • New Computers need SETUP!! We can set up your Microsoft Account User Profile, your Email addresses, even your Facebook account! 

It’s a lot of work to get a new computer set up. We can do that for you. We will even come unpack it for you and do the cable management, so everything looks neat and clean when you settle in to take over.

New Computer Testing Package: You bring us your new computer and we 
– Test all of your hardware to make sure you actually got what you paid for!
– Install all of the “hidden updates” to get your computer up to speed
– Update your hardware drives so everything works at its best
– Set up your User Profile (with a Microsoft Account if requested), setup your email (up to 3 accounts), set up your browser to open the pages you want and log into Facebook, or up to 3 social media accounts
– Install up to 3 software applications that you request (does not include the price of software)

You can ADD-ON our Professional Business-class Protection and Security to keep you safe for $89.95/yr
ADD-ON Data transfer! We will move your user profile and photos, documents, other important files for just $100 (up to 250GB)

New Computer Setup Package includes everything in the New Computer Testing Package PLUS:

We come to your location, walk you through your new purchase and explain features you may not be sure of. We will, if appropriate, get you hooked up to your internet (wired or wireless). We also:

• Unpack and Set-up your computer equipment with cable management, so everything is nice and tidy
• Remove pre-installed bloatware and trial software
• Download the most common programs
• Connect to your home Wi-Fi or wired network
• Transfer data (files, folders, documents, photos) from your old computer
• Set up your email and login to social media
• Install and configure our Professional Protection and Security Software
• Arrange security updates to keep your computer constantly protected
• Ensure printers and scanners are connected correctly
• Install the software you use for everyday tasks
• And, of course, suggest a service plan to keep your computer safe and secure

If we transfer your data from the old computer to the new one, we require you to first bring your both new and old computer to our shop (local pickup and deliver is available). We can then transfer data. Depending on how much there is, it can take several hours – and we don’t have to charge you to sit and wait for the transfer to complete! After it’s done, we can come to your home or office and finish setting everything up the way you want it.

This premium service is available by appointment ONLY – Call us for Pricing!

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