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What does it mean if I’m told that my hard drive may be failing?
This means that Computer Chick has run some diagnostic tests on your hard drive, which is where all of the information on your computer is stored, and either errors have been found, or we have seen symptoms to indicate that your hard drive may be failing. If your hard drive fails, any information (such as documents, pictures, photos, etc) that are stored on that hard drive may be permanently lost. We can offer you a few different options as a solution to this problem. Note that your hard drive is a small piece of hardware located INSIDE your device, it is not the device itself. Our Monthly Service Plans provide substantial annual credits for data backup and transfer services.

  1. Data Safety Backup Addon – $50: We offer a Data Safety Backup add-on option with all of our services. If the hard drive is still working, we will make a quick backup of all of your user data and hold it in a secure location until you are ready to pick up your device. The benefit to this service is, if ANYTHING should happen to your device while we are working on it, doing diagnostics, whatever, your user data is secure and available for transfer to another device (data transfer fees are additional). This user data backup will be deleted after you have picked up your device. This fee is not included in the standard $50 Drop-off deposit.
  2. Set up as an External USB Drive – $20 – $70: We sell devices that can turn your internal hard drive into an external hard drive. If you feel confident in your ability to remove the hard drive yourself, you can just buy the device. If you want us to pull your hard drive for you, there will be an additional fee depending on the complexity of removing the hard drive. Cost does not include replacement of original hard drive in device with new hard drive, if you should decide to continue using it your laptop or desktop device.
  3. Data Transfer Services – If your hard drive is still functioning, we can copy all of your user data from your current hard drive to a new device. The minimum fee for this is $50 for mobile devices and $100 for computers and laptops. The final data transfer fee is approximately $1/GB of data transferred. There is a substantial discount for larger data transfer jobs. $100 (up to 250GB), $300 (up to 500GB), $600 (up to 1TB plus an additional $100 for each additional TB)
  4. Data Recovery Services – If your hard drive has failed, we can attempt to recover that data from your hard drive, but this is often a lengthy process. The turnaround time can be days, or week. We offer “In-House” Data Recovery and “Off-Site” Data Recovery.
  5. Continuous Cloud Data Backup – We sell Carbonite, one of the biggest names in Cloud Data Backup and Recovery. With this service, all of your important files are backed up while you are connected to the internet. They are stored in a secured, encrypted location with multiple layers. This protects you against Ransomware attacks, catastrophic hardware failure, etc. This service starts at $6/month – $71.99/yr (or just $5/month for VIP Service Plan members!)


**Minimum Non-Refundable Deposit Required** PER DEVICE

Cost does NOT include Destination Storage Media


$100 DEPOSIT (non-refundable)

$1/GB up to 250GB ($100 minimum), $300 up to 500GB, $600 up to 1TB, over 1TB add $100/TB – cost depends on amount of data transferred




$1/GB up to 250GB ($100 minimum Non-Refundable Deposit), $300 up to 500GB, $600 up to 1TB, over 1TB add $100/TB – cost depends on capacity of hard drive being cloned


DATA RECOVERY (damaged Hard Drive)

In-House: $100 Non-Refundable Deposit plus $2/GB of recovered data. No Guarantee on Quality, or Type of Data Recovered.

Off-Site: Professional Clean-Room Recovery. No Deposit Required. Final cost $500 and up (usually MUCH HIGHER). We confidently use DriveSavers for our Off-Site Data Recovery. We can ship your damaged data storage device for you, or you can set up your own service. Get 10% off with our referral code: DS38313
DriveSavers is able to recover data from any storage device.

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