Service Plan – Welcome

Thank you for registering for our Service Plan!

We look forward to having you as a member and we can’t wait for you to start experiencing the many benefits of the Service Plan. We will be contacting you within the next 1-2 business days to get your onboarding scheduled. In the meantime, let’s get you started with “ChickCheck”, our basic free monitoring agent. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe! 

You will get the advanced VIP monitoring agent when we complete your on-boarding.

The $50 On-boarding fee covers our full 25+ Point Inspection & Tune-up (a $100 value) plus installation and configuration of our full monitoring and protection software.

NOT EVERY COMPUTER WILL QUALIFY!! During our inspection, we may find issues that must be resolved before you can finish signing up for the plan, or we may have to tell you that your computer simply doesn’t qualify for other reasons. Even if your computer does not qualify, you will have gotten half off of the normal Inspection & Tune-up package price, and the startup monitoring agent is yours to keep, for FREE!

“ChickCheck” FAQ

The ChickCheck monitoring agent actively monitors your computer in the background, quietly watching for problems. If anything is detected, it lets pops-up to let you know what action needs to be taken. Our VIP monitoring agent also sends an alert to Computer Chick, so we can get you taken care of.

What problems does ChickCheck detect?

Hard Drive Failures (detects problems, often before complete failure occurs)
Low Disk Space
Fragmented Drives
Application Crashes
No Anti-Virus Installed
Blue Screen of Death (system crashes)
Disabled Firewall Software
Device Driver Issues

I’m worried that ChickCheck will spy on me!

Only basic system information is passed to us, nothing else. Your personal files, data, history, etc remain hidden from us unless you specifically give us permission to remotely access your computer during a remote support session.

Does ChickCheck use many system resources?

No! ChickCheck is a tiny file that downloads quickly and installs painlessly. It runs silently in the background and checks for issues every 6 hours. It only alerts you if it finds a problem. If there are no issues, you will barely even know it’s there and it will not hog system resources.

Can I request help or remote support through ChickCheck?

You Bet! Simply left-click the task bar icon (Computer Chick) to get a “Request Support” window, tell us what’s going on and click “Send Request”. It will even give you the opportunity to send us a screenshot so we can get a preview of what’s going on! You can also update your contact information from that screen.

For remote support, right-click the taskbar icon and select “Request Remote Support” as shown to the right. If you get any “permission” windows, just click “Yes” or “Allow” as needed. 

Then, once you have your user ID and Password, simply give us a call 304-253-4879 (during regular business hours) and we will be happy to assist you. The red dot shown at the bottom in the picture, should be GREEN.

Once your on-boarding is complete, you don’t even have to do that much to get remote support! Just call us and we can remotely access your computer. You don’t have to do a thing. 

Please note that up to 1hr/month Remote Support is included FREE for our Service Plan Members  (Annual Service Plan members do not have to pay for Remote Support, even if it goes beyond 1hr/month, but there may be limitations depending on our availability). A working internet connection is required for Remote Support.

Installation Instructions

After clicking on the above button, you will see a window like the one to the right. The red arrows show the parts you need to pay attention to. The top arrow and the arrow on the left show what folder your file is being saved to. This will probably be “Downloads”, but it’s good to make a note of where it’s being saved “just in case”. When you are ready, click “Save”. The file is small, so it shouldn’t take long.

After the download has completed, you have a few choices on how to open the file you just downloaded. You can open the folder it was downloaded to and double-click the file to run it, or if you are using the Chrome browser, you can look at the bottom of the browser (it should look like the picture to the right), click on the “Up Arrow” – it looks like this ^, and select “open” from the list.

Another alternative is to use your “search” bar, usually near the lower left corner of your computer screen. Type “Setup” into your search bar and the file you downloaded should appear in the list that pops up, as shown in the picture to the right. You then just click on the “Setup-default_customer.exe”

After you “run” the file using one of the above methods, a “Security” box will come up, asking your permission to allow the file to install. Just click “Yes”.

You will see the window as shown in the picture to the right. Please note that you will have to CLICK in the “Your Name” field before you are able to type in it!

Once you have filled out your name, your best phone number and email address, click “Install”.

You will see a window saying “Installing application files” and a few other messages, then a box with the message “Success, Installation Complete!” – Click “Ok”.


Finally, you may see the window shown to the right. If so, just click “Hide this window” and you will be finished!

Of course, if you have any issues with the installation, just give us a call!


IMPORTANT!! If you wish to UNINSTALL the CHICKCHECK Monitoring Agent, you will need to call us for an uninstall code. This is a security measure to prevent any malicious programs from uninstalling your monitoring agent. We do ask  our Service Plan customers to keep this agent installed on their computer, but if you are not a member of our Service Plan, we will not be upset if you try it out and decide it isn’t for you. No hard feelings!

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