Better – Faster – Smarter

Sometimes, we’ve just done all we can for that older computer and it doesn’t make sense to put more money into it.

Sometimes, we just like new things.

Either way, Computer Chick can help you find what you need and want within your budget.

Custom Computers

Whether you’re looking for a custom designed system for your special application, or you want to be the envy of your squad in that VR game, we can source the parts, assemble the system, test everything out and provide you with a warranty.

ChickSmart Refurbished Computers

Our refurbished computers undergo strict testing, updates, replacement of any worn parts, a sparkling clean exterior and a fresh install of the latest operating system they can handle. On top of that, we furnish our refurbs with a 1-year warranty to cover any issues which may crop up. Smart!

Infinity Lease

Our “Infinity Lease” doesn’t actually go on forever, only as long as you want it to. We provide you with a solid computer system in top condition with specs to meet most needs. For the life of your lease, you get free operating system updates and upgrades, free Microsoft Office 365 access, free annual cleanup and inspection and a free replacement if your computer goes down for any reason. 

Retro & Old-School

Finally, we also offer pre-built and custom vintage and “retro” computers. Whether you need an ancient operating system to support your special software, or whether you want a fun old-style gaming computer, we can do it. We specialize in sourcing and breathing life back into old computer systems. Our vintage systems have the old-style look and feel you crave while our “retro” systems include newer internal components while running the older software you need. Our Retro and Vintage gaming systems come pre-loaded with a satisfying array of classic computer games. Vintage computer systems are usually NOT configured to connect to the internet due to security and compatibility issues.