Are You Protected?

Your electronic devices are a critical part of your life.

Your contacts
Your memories
Your work
Your finances
Your most intimate conversations…
Can you risk losing access, or having those things fall into the hands of unethical people?

We offer real-time monitoring, layered protection and security services to keep you safe and secure without ever having to think about it.

Our Monitoring, Protection & Security package (monthly or annually) forms a solid barrier against malware, viruses, ransomware and more! Available for PC and Mac.

Get as little, or as much coverage as you want.

FREE – Yes, FREE. We offer a basic monitoring and support tool to our clients at no charge. Includes hardware and software monitoring and easy access to our remote support services. If you have a concern, contact us and we can give you inside information on your computer, often at no charge or if you need assistance, we can help you remotely for a reasonable fee.

MPS (Annual or Monthly) – Monitoring, Protection and Security – Comprehensive world-class protection and security that protects you without bogging you down. We discover that most of our clients are under-protected when we scan their devices for threats. Includes free online scanning and remote mitigation when possible. Includes free “peace of mind” phone support – see something suspicious on your protected computer? Just call us and we’ll advise you for free. Schedule your free scan today! $89.95/year or $10/month

Basic Monthly Plan – Monitoring, Protection AND Active Maintenance! At this level, clients get everything listed above PLUS pro-active minor updates and patches. That means if Microsoft fails to properly install updates, we can keep you up to date as well as preventing known harmful updates. In addition, you get a up to 1-hr of included labor per month if you actually need our help. $25/month

Premium Monthly Plan – Most of our service calls are due to problems with Windows Updates, or security issues. Premium clients enjoy our highest level of services with everything listed above PLUS Full Windows/OS X Patch Management, 3rd Party Software Patching and up to 3-hrs of included labor per month if you need additional help. $50/month

Data Protection – The trusted name of Carbonite protects your computer(s) from data loss due to ANY reason – hardware failure, total device loss, fire, flood, ransomware… you’re covered. This is a *managed* service, meaning we will remotely assist you in installation, configuration and recovery if needed. Recovery services may include an additional fee depending on time and effort involved. $100/year

All managed services require a credit card on file. Monthly managed services may be cancelled at any time.
Understand that we do not give pro-rated refunds for managed services.