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Policy Changes due to current Pandemic conditions and increasing demand for REMOTE SERVICES

We are transitioning to an APPOINTMENT ONLY model. This allows us to give more attention to each customer and ensure they get the assistance they need without significant interruptions.

We now require a MINIMUM deposit of $100 for Computer Drop-off Services
$50 for Remote Services and Mobile Devices (such as phones and certain tablets)

Please remember that all service deposits are non-refundable. All, or some of your deposit may go toward your actual repair cost. If you are unable to make your appointment, you may request that your deposit be credited toward a future visit. 


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Due to thoughtless, uncooperative people. we are now keeping our front door LOCKED during business hours. You may knock on the door, or call us and we will unlock the door once we have verified that you are properly masked prior to entry.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and support!

We at Computer Chick take the safety of our customers very seriously, as well as the severity of this spreading virus and other future contagions. Therefore, for your safety and ours, we are immediately putting the following measures in place in the hope that we are able to continue providing top quality services to our clients during these difficult times.

First of all, be it known that as an IT Infrastructure Support operation, we are considered to be an ESSENTIAL BUSINESS! As such, we will try to continue operations for as long as possible, with whatever safety precautions in place that we are able to maintain. Please bear with us as we make changes in this dynamic situation. As of now, we are trying to maintain our regular operating hours.


  1. We are transitioning to Appointment Only.
  2. We keep our front door LOCKED (if it is open, a barrier will be present) to enforce masking requirements.
  3. MASKS ARE REQUIRED to enter the store. Please wear a mask or appropriate face covering. Vented masks are not permitted. We can provide a mask if needed or provide “curb-side” pickup-dropoff to our parking lot. Just call us if you require this service.
  4. We have installed a “Drop-Off” / “Pick-Up” sanitation station table just inside our front door. Customers are currently not allowed beyond this table.
  5. We are sanitizing our public surfaces at least twice a day and after possible exposure to any customers using a bleach solution and sanitizing wipes.
  6. We are using disposable gloves (a fresh pair for EVERY Customer) to handle any customer equipment and sanitizing the surface of customer devices when possible.
  7. We are using care not to cross-contaminate customer equipment.
  8. We have installed a UV-C decontamination box for smaller items.
  9. We are keeping our doors open, weather permitting, to help reduce viral concentration in our building.
  1. We are allowing only ONE customer in the shop at any given time. Please be patient if we ask you to return in 15-30 minutes for your opportunity to be served in person. This should allow us enough time to assist the current customer and sanitize surfaces before the next customer comes in.
  2. We are starting to accept limited on-site service appointments for commercial settings only. Masks must be enforced at the on-site location at all times.
  3. We are no longer accepting hardware repairs on mobile devices (such as phone screen replacements)

The following price changes have been implemented EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY

  • Due to increased risk and repair time resulting from the additional sanitation measures we currently have in place, we are now requiring a non-refundable $100 DEPOSIT on ALL drop-off services, $50 for small mobile devices. All, or part of the deposit may go toward your final repair cost.
  • Service Plan Members are still eligible for the FREE and Reduced Rate services according to your contracts. We are still accepting new Service Plan memberships at this time.

What We’re Asking of YOU

  1. First and foremost, we are asking our customers to take advantage of our REMOTE SERVICES option, if possible. This will allow us to assist you with your computer without actually bringing it in to us.
  2. If you have a COUGH or are SNEEZING we are asking you to remain OUTSIDE OF OUR SHOP!! We will ask you to step outside if you display such symptoms while inside the shop. As of now, we will STILL do an intake with you, but we will ask you to remain outside during this process.
  3. Make an appointment if possible. Appointments will take priority if more than one person is waiting to be seen at any given time.
  4. We are asking customers to take the personal responsibility to wash and sanitize your hands before coming into our shop and after leaving our shop.
  5. We are asking customers to bring your own writing instrument to sign our Service Agreement.
  6. We are asking customers to maintain a distance of at least 6’ from us, or other customers you may come into contact with.
  7. We are asking customers to please try to limit everyone’s exposure by avoiding touching surfaces in our shop unless invited to do so.
  8. We are asking customers to understand that we are currently refraining from any bodily contact with outside people such as shaking hands, hugging, etc.
  9. We are asking our customers to please plan to pay with CASH if at all possible. We will handle your cash, and any change we give you, with a disposable glove. We recommend you do the same.


If things become even more escalated than they currently are, we may ask customers to not enter the shop at all. We may ask that all of our intakes be done at the door, or we may ONLY accept jobs through remote access services.

We are dedicated to being vigilant about the current status of the pandemic and we will update our customers as things change.

We at Computer Chick value our customers. We thank you for your support and we hope that these measures will help allow us to continue supporting our customers.


Seby Bell
Computer Chick


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