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Isn’t Norwex one of those Pyramid Schemes?

Is Norwex some kind of Cult??

Is Norwex an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Company?

Why on earth would I want to buy these cloths? Can’t you get Microfiber cloths for a lot less?

Should I sell Norwex?


Isn’t Norwex one of those Pyramid Schemes?
I’ve seen a meme going around (I saw it in the Blog I linked below) with the saying “If you have to say it isn’t a Pyramid Scheme, it’s a Pyramid Scheme!”. Ok, I get it, but that’s really kind of an ignorant and manipulative statement. First of all, how many people know what a Pyramid Scheme ACTUALLY IS, and why they are illegal? Well, I know what they are. Let me explain it to you quickly, so you are enlightened and will stop saying something that makes you look ignorant. Pyramid Schemes SELL things that are intangible. To simplify that even more, Pyramid Schemes do not sell a ‘product’. If the company is actually selling products, it’s not a pyramid scheme. Period. Second, that statement is manipulative because it puts a person in a position of being completely unable to defend his/herself, regardless of the situation they are in. If you say it isn’t a Pyramid Scheme, it is!! If you say it is, it is!!! Circular logic. Seriously, go away.

What you’re really asking is this: Is Norwex a scam?? Ok, that’s a much better question!!! Quick answer, nope. There are, apparently, a lot of MLM / Direct Sales based companies out there that ARE scams. They are scams because they sell overpriced*, crap products that are inferior, defective, make false claims, etc. I’ve yet to see any of that with Norwex. When I signed up with the company, I did a bunch of research online about them. I was looking for disgruntled Norwex consultants, scam & rip-off reports, studies to back up or disprove the claims Norwex makes about their products. I can share links to some of this stuff, but I encourage you to do your own searching. I believe that what you find will be the same as what I have found. Norwex sells quality products. They do what they claim to do. They allow a person to reduce, or eliminate the use of chemicals in their lives they would otherwise use for cleaning and such. They save money over time, due to being reusable, easy to maintain, etc. They do a BETTER job at certain types of cleaning than chemical agents, and at least as good a job as others.

You’re acting kind of brainwashed. I’m worried about you. I’ve heard about these MLM companies and I think you’re getting sucked into something dangerous!!!!! – Ok, so here’s the deal. I really just love the Products!! Sure, I’m putting some effort into the business aspect of this Company. When I learned about the products, I decided that I want to sell them for two reasons: First, to me, the products sell themselves. They are (mostly*) worth every penny!! I have an entrepreneurial spirit and when I see something that I think is awesome, I want the opportunity to invest in it and add to my business. Second: I found a bunch of products that I wanted and didn’t want to put that much money into it. As a Consultant, I’m able to earn stuff for free, or pay very little for it. I’m ok, I swear! If this ever turns into something that is NOT a fun, profitable and easy thing for me… I will quit. 😉
      *There are a few products Norwex sells that I believe are over-priced, but the Microfiber Cloths are not part of that. 

But is Norwex an MLM company? – No. Norwex is a ‘Direct Sales’ company. I’ll outline the differences when I update the page.

If you wish to read about the darker side of how bad MLM companies can mess people up, go check out httpss://
I read every post on that blog and I can confidently say that Norwex has very little resemblance to the experience described therein. One of the core values of Norwex is Integrity. Any company can claim that, but I’m seeing a thread of sincerity in all of the people I’ve come across in this company thus far.

Norwex Vs Other Direct Sales companies
I’m going to compare the Norwex experience to the one described in the blog I listed above.

*Pressure to Recruit – In other companies, there appears to be a very high pressure to ‘recruit’ other Consultants, to ‘create your ‘downline’ and all of that drivel. In Norwex, there is the opportunity to earn rewards for recruiting other people to become consultants, but from what I’ve seen it’s stuff like, special products (like a demo bag). Although we are encouraged to share the opportunity with other folks, I’ve not seen any *requirements* to do so, and no high pressure to do so. In fact, I have no interest in recruiting other people and that’s been fine. I will mention the opportunity in my presentations, but that’s pretty much it. If a person is interested, I refer them to my Team Leader. She cares about building a Team. I don’t want to.

*Downlines & Earnings – You are not required to have a ‘downline’ (ie: recruit other people to sell) if you are a Norwex consultant. However, if you have one, you do get a small percentage of the sales from your ‘downline’. It’s not enough for me to care about. If others care about it, that’s ok with me. It doesn’t bother me that my ‘upline’ earns a small percentage of my sales. That doesn’t affect me, or my customers, at all.

Should I Sell Norwex?
Well, that really depends. Do you like to make money? Do you want to be your own boss???? hahahah I’m kidding. Companies who hard sell the idea of becoming a Consultant with tactics like that are being unethical. There is some truth to the statements for a company like Norwex, but in my opinion, one should ONLY become a Norwex Consultant if they LOVE the products, and they are not in a desperate place financially. The Startup Kit currently costs $200 IF you are unable to sell at least $2000** in product within the first 90-Days. This actually may not be as difficult as it sounds, I’m currently almost halfway there and I’ve only had one party, but hey… DO NOT do this if you can’t afford to spend the $200, because maybe you won’t generate those sales. One can make a fair amount of money with this company if they work their butt off, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you would truly be OK with not ‘earning your Starter Kit for free!’ and not making tons of sales. I approached this with the attitude of just wanting to have fun with it and maybe earn free stuff. I’m doing better than I expected, but I certainly wouldn’t promise that to everyone.

Why on earth would I want to buy these cloths? Can’t you get Microfiber cloths for a lot less?
Check out my comparison between the popular (and cheaper) eCloth vs Norwex


**$2000 is the current requirement to earn the Starter Kit for free (you pay $10 shipping to get the kit when you sign up). However, this may be lower sometimes, for example our current February 2018 Consultant Sign-Up Incentive cuts that seller requirement in half. I sort of wish I had waited a few days to sign up. :p

Norwex vs Cheap Microfiber companies – I cover this topic in my comparison between Norwex products and another, very popular microfiber system called eCloth. Check it out Read the Review

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