How To Protect Your Cell Phone!!

Posted by on March 16, 2017

Repairing broken cell phones, whether it’s an older, inexpensive cell phone with valuable data that cannot be lost or a brand new, top of the line iPhone or Samsung, is a pretty big part of my business these days. It’s a field I never thought I would get into, but times have changed.

Even though my business depends on people breaking their devices, I feel terrible when I hear about the really common, but silly ways that these devices end up damaged, often leading to an expensive repair. I feel that my customers deserve to know some easy ways to prevent unnecessary pitfalls that I’ve seen over the years, so here are some helpful tips:

  • Bathrooms – Never handle your cell phone in the bathroom! In fact, don’t even take it into the bathroom. A great idea is to hang a special basket, or install a small shelf outside of each bathroom door as a place to store your cell phone until you come back out. The MOST common cause of damaged cell phones and mobile devices I see is… dropping them in the toilet. Don’t risk it!
  • Pockets – Never keep your cell phone in your back pocket and it’s best not to put it in ANY pants pocket. iPhones in particular are susceptible to frame bending over time that can cause the screen to break and/or damage to internal components which will render your phone unrepairable. Even if the frame does not bend, it’s more likely to slip out of a pocket and fall, causing the screen to break.
  • Liquid – Do not use your phone around sources of liquid. Even phones that are SUPPOSED to be ‘water proof’, such as the iPhone 6s / 6s+ can have small ruptures in the internal gaskets. It only takes a little liquid to seep inside and cause corrosion over time which will destroy your device. Just don’t do it.
  • Food – Food particles, little crumbs (also sand, dust) get inside every crevice of your phone. They can cause your charging port to stop working, your buttons to become stuck, your headphone jack to stop working, etc.
  • Screen Protector – One of the best simple things you can do to protect your screen from damage is to get a Tempered Glass Screen Protector. I can’t even say how many times I’ve had customers come into the shop, thinking they have a broken screen when it’s just the screen protector. This is what the screen protector is designed to do, absorb the shock that would have otherwise broken your screen. It will not protect you from 100% of the damage, but it really helps! If your screen protector gets cracked or broken, replace it because it is no longer effective.
  • Case – A good case can go a long way toward protecting your cell phone. The best cases have rubber bumpers on the corners and provide a safe gripping surface so the phone is not ‘slick’. However, always remember that no case will completely protect your phone. I see broken screens in Otter Box cases all the time.
  • Broken Screen – Don’t ignore a broken screen! If you have a slight crack and can still use your phone, it’s safe to put a piece of clear packing tape over your screen as temporary protection, but do not ignore a badly broken screen as this can lead to further internal damage, added expense and possibly a phone that cannot be repaired.
  • Protection Plan – We now offer a Screen Protection Club! For just $59.95 we will give you up to FOUR Tempered Glass Screen Protectors and a $75 credit toward a screen replacement on your phone. This is good for up to 365 days from the date of purchase. Ask us for details!

I hope these tips have been helpful!

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