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Refurbished Computer Warranties:

General Refurb Warranty Information: Our Warranties cover HARDWARE ISSUES ONLY. Join our VIP Service Plan for Software issue coverage! Warranties cover ONLY Manufacturer Defects. User induced damage, or attempts at repair, may void any Hardware warranty. Our warranties DO NOT cover data loss, data recovery or data transfer. We recommend having a cloud-based data backup service in place to protect your valuable data. There are different warranties for New/Custom Built, Refurbished, Retro and Apple computers. Please refer to the section that applies to your situation. If you are unsure which section applies to you, please call us for assistance. Buyer is responsible for any shipping costs if computer must be shipped to, or from, Computer Chick.

Refurbished PC Hardware Warranty: Computer Chick will repair or replace any hardware defects for the 1st year you own your refurbished computer, for FREE. If we deem the repair cost to be higher than the value of the PC, we may choose at our discretion, to replace the entire PC with a similar or better model. This warranty applies to Windows PCs with Windows 10.

Refurbished RETRO Computer Warranty: We offer FREE LABOR for any hardware repairs, or replacements during the 1st year of ownership. Due to the nature of retro computers, it should be understood that replacement hardware may be difficult (or impossible) to find, expensive and often new replacement parts are not available.

Refurbished APPLE Computer Warranty: Due to the excessive cost of Apple logic boards, we do NOT cover the hardware cost of logic board replacement. Our hardware warranty for Apple computers does cover other hardware defects, such as hard drive replacement, RAM, Optical Drive, etc. We will cover the labor costs for replacing the logic board if it fails within the warranty period.

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