Appointment Services

Mar/20 By

We realize that transitioning to Appointment Only is going to be inconvenient for some folks. Here are some reasons you might appreciate this new way of helping our customers! Better

We look forward to seeing you!

Mar/16 By

Thank you for scheduling an appointment with Computer Chick! Here are some things you need to know for your upcoming appointment: **Deposits are Non-Refundable** If for some reason we are

Accessories – What do I really need?

Nov/30 By

Getting a VR Headset is exciting! But what important accessories do you need?

Oculus Quest, Multiple Headsets and Facebook – What you need to know

Nov/18 By

Oculus Headset and Facebook Account Sharing Such a buzz about this topic. Every day I see posts along the lines of: “I’m buying a headset for my (son, husband, twins)

To Upgrade or NOT To Upgrade? That is the Question!

May/25 By

In the business of computer repair, one of the questions I am asked more often an anything else is: “Is it worth fixing?” In this article, I will share some

Windows 10 Major Update Failure

May/9 By

Microsoft rolls out major software updates on a regular basis. Improperly installed, these major updates can cause issues ranging from sudden strange behavior to complete data loss. We can protect you!

How To Protect Your Cell Phone!!

Mar/16 By

Repairing broken cell phones, whether it’s an older, inexpensive cell phone with valuable data that cannot be lost or a brand new, top of the line iPhone or Samsung, is

Something New For 2017

Jan/27 By

2017 is turning out to be an exciting new year, here at Computer Chick! We have a brand new look, enticing new pricing structures, new tools in the shop to help streamline your experience and we’re thrilled to share it all with you!

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