Remote Services

Do you need help with your computer, but you want to leave it plugged in?
If you still have access to the internet, we may be able to help you remotely using a world-wide trusted service called TeamViewer.

If we have recently performed a Factory Reset on your computer, you probably already have TeamViewer conveniently installed and ready to go. Just take a look under your Programs or Apps and see if it’s listed. If not, it’s super easy to download and use.

Be aware that we do charge $1/minute for this service, with a half-hour minimum ($30). We will take your credit card number when the session begins and you will be charged at the end of the session. You can save money buy purchasing ‘Pre-Paid Hours‘. We sell them in blocks of 4, so you’re paying $45/hr instead of $60! Note that while you do have the option to purchase a block of hours at the beginning of the Remote Support session, you cannot purchase them during or after the session, until that session has been paid for.

We have the right to limit the time we are able to spend with you during a single session, depending on how busy we are and how complex your issue is.

If we are unable to resolve your issue, you will be reimbursed with a $15 store credit.

Here are the instructions for our Remote Assistance process:

  1. If you already have TeamViewer installed – skip to Step 5
  2. If you do not already have TeamViewer installed, you may download the file for Windows HERE or for Mac HERE
  3. Be sure to pay attention to where your file is being saved – we recommend saving it to your downloads folder or Desktop if you are given the option.
  4. When the download finishes, double click the file to install it.
  5. Give us a call to make sure we’re available for Remote Assistance 304-253-4879. If we are unable to assist you at that time, you may be able to schedule an appointment at time we are better able to devote our attention to you.
  6. Be sure to have your credit card handy for payment before you call. Remember, you will be charged a minimum of $30 for this service, plus $1/minute for time beyond the first 30 minutes. Your time starts when we connect with your computer on TeamViewer.

If this is a service you think you will use often, you can save money by purchasing PRE-PAID HOURS. Pre-paid Hours only cost $45/hr instead of $60. Call us to purchase Pre-Paid Hours.

For more information about TeamViewer, visit the TeamViewer website:

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